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March Twenty 2008

Home Gaming Setups Better Than Yours
And definitely better than mine.
Wow – I’d love any of those…for the most part.

Disturbing Sex Toys
Wow. That was great. What an experience. What do I do with my life now?

I don’t really get it, maybe one of you will and then you can explain it to me.

30 Useful Sites
A good list of fairly unknown websites.

Greensburg Man Charged With Raping 5-Month-Old
A disgusting story and one that shouldn’t go unpunished.

A site that let’s you back up your computer for free. Interesting site, haven’t used it yet but seems very clean.

10 Products Only Douchevags Buy
Now I do admit I’ve tried a few of these, but #1 tops them all.

Best Business Card Ever
Wow – this guy’s good…maybe too good.

Awesome Office Prank
I know someone who I would love to do this to…
Can’t wait.


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